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Anyone living in the parish of New Thundersley can ask about a baptism at St George's. Normally, if you live outside the parish we'd expect you to be worshipping regularly with us already.

Age of the child

It's normal to have a child baptised when they are relatively young. Although there is no official upper age limit, it becomes more difficult to consider baptism once the child is a toddler and becomes more 'knowing'. Older children can still be nurtured in the Christian faith and then be baptised later on, when they're old enough to say the promises for themselves (perhaps in their early teens). This is in fact a very meaningful experience for those who choose that path. There is also the practical consideration of trying to baptise a busy youngster! A blessing/dedication service may be more appropriate - we can discuss your particular circumstances. 

Baptism involves a number of promises

God is demonstrating His commitment to us. Through Jesus Christ, He promises to:

  • bring us to new life
  • give us His Holy Spirit
  • be with us always

The parents and godparents also make promises. These include:

  • praying for the child
  • setting the child an example of Christian living, including regular family attendance at church
  • helping the child to grow in the Christian faith
  • encouraging the child to participate in the life of the Church


These promises, made by the parents and godparents, should not be made lightly.

Choosing of Godparents

As you can see from the above, the choice of godparents is another decision that needs careful thought. Many parents choose family members or close friends simply on the basis that 'they ought to be asked'. Rather it is better to choose those who intend to keep the promises they have made. Technically, like the parents, they should have been baptised themselves.


(Christenings) of children at St George's 

Baptism (or Christening, as it is sometimes called) is often a time of celebration for the whole family, and rightly so. However, as baptism has a very great significance in the life of the church it needs to be considered carefully. Here are some important things to understand and consider.


Before making a decision about proceeding with your child's baptism, we require you to spend an evening with us. During this time we can explain more about Baptism and the Christian faith. We'll book a date with you and ask that both parents (if appropriate) attend.

'Phone 01268 754561 to enquire.

What follows? 

Following such an evening, you'll have a number of options, including:

You still want to proceed with your child's baptism. In this case, you fill in an application form and agree a date with us

You decide not to proceed at present. That’s fine - we are here to talk further at any time

You feel that you cannot make the promises, but wish to gift thanks to God for your child's life. We’ll be more than happy to arrange a 'Service of Thanksgiving'



If you would like your child to be Baptised or would like to be Baptised as an adult.

Baptism is an act of submission to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Come along to our Alpha meetings to find out what it really means to become a Christian.

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