Dear friends,

Many of you will have taken note of the vision which we have shared to upgrade the facilities in the main church building with the addition of a new reception area with toilets and a light airy entrance from the road.  In addition we are exploring adding a glass internal porch at the back of the building to make access from the car park more practical too creating an “airlock” so that we keep the warmth inside where it belongs in the winter months.

But we have also, quite rightly, been asked about the plans for the hall.  For some time the PCC have recognised that the vast sums of money needed to demolish and rebuild a hall were very unlikely to be raised and this reality has now been well and truly highlighted by the impact of the Pandemic.  So, after a structural survey to establish the soundness of the infrastructure of the hall, the decision has been taken to instead refurbish the old hall in order to make it fit for purpose for the years ahead.

The plans we are pulling together include:

  • Cladding  the outside walls (encapsulating the asbestos)
  • Cladding the roof (encapsulating the asbestos)
  • Replacing all doors and windows
  • Refurbishing the main kitchen
  • Replacing the heating system

We believe that this is achievable within the £97,000 raised from the hall replacement fundraising efforts.

In order to satisfy the requirements of the Charity Commission we have been advised that we must advertise the intended change of use of the fund with a view to enabling those who gave money towards the original project the opportunity to ask for their money to be refunded.  So in addition to sharing the news of our new plans this is the second purpose of this email.

Should anyone who gave wish to discuss obtaining a refund of their contributions please contact Dave Parmenter via the church office email address and he will be happy to discuss the matter with you in more depth.

We will also be including this news on the website, internal and external notice boards and in services notices.  All communications are requested by the end of September.

We anticipate communicating the detailed plans for the hall very soon and to begin undertaking the works from the Autumn.

Ever yours